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Latest attempt to allow Sunday hunting in Maine shot down

Hunting big game animals such as bears and moose is a popular activity in Maine, but the state is home to a law that bars hunting on Sunday. The Legislature voted against a proposal to end the ban on Monday.
Wiley Jenkins
Mar 8, 2022
min. read

Animal rights group releases longer video showing farm abuse

An animal rights group has released a longer video showing workers kicking and throwing young calves at a northwestern Indiana dairy farm that’s an agritourism destination.
Charlie Snow
Mar 14, 2022
min. read

Senate loosens rules on killing nuisance beavers, muskrats

Wisconsin law allows the Department of Natural Resources to capture, shoot, trap or relocate wild animals that are causing damage or a nuisance, but not within 50 feet of the center of a road...
Jenny Smolders
Mar 19, 2022
min. read